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Market Research and Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Invitations to participate in feedback surveys and focus groups, usually including an incentive.
General Marketing Communications
The latest industry insight, product launches and promotions and free downloads (excluding online bookstore marketing communications).
Print (book & looseleaf) Marketing Communications
Messages related to print promotions; new looseleaf products, book launches and contributing authors.
Events and Webinars
Invitations and information related to in-person events and webinars, including workshops, conferences, launch parties and holiday parties (excluding training).
Product and Content Updates
Updates on changes to product (features, functionality), and/or content (titles, modules, authors, content sets), as well as new product announcements.
Training Opportunities
Opportunities and invitations to receive training on our products.
Recurring communications tailored to your customer group or role, and providing a mix of content from insight to launches, training and offers.
Authors and Contributors/Content Providers
Communications regarding contributing content and/or authoring content.
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