LexisNexis PCLaw 16.0 introduces Visual Analytics for Time and Fee Data as well as a number of other enhancements. This release builds on the technology refresh introduced in version 15 by migrating the core database to Microsoft SQL Server, an industry leading database solution.

View Productivity Reports in Excel

The “Charts” feature in PCLaw allows users to view Time and Fee Data in charts and graphs (Pie, Line, Bar, Column). Charts can be created to show variables such as Time by Working Lawyer. They can also be printed or saved as an images for use in presentations.

PCLaw Productivity Reports can now be exported to Microsoft Excel via the Excel icon located on the report toolbar, allowing you to further analyze and report on client, billing and collections data within PCLaw.

New Element Sizing and Positioning Tool for Template Editor

The PCLaw Template Editor includes an “Element Sizing and Positioning Tool” to help you manipulate the positioning of elements on the template along with options to change the font face, font size and font style of the entire template in just a few steps.

View Last Receipt Date in Matter Manager

The Summary tab of Matter manager now displays a “Last Receipt” date button, allowing you to have all client accounting information at your fingertips from the summary tab.

Client Work-in-Progress Report

The character limit for client name on the Client Work-in-Progress Report has been increased to assist with viewing longer client names easily.

Changing G/L accounts on Paid Payable Entries (Accrual Systems)

If a Payable Entry was posted to an incorrect G/L account and subsequently paid, you can easily correct it by opening the Payable entry, changing the G/L account to what it should be and choosing Ok to save the change. PCLaw provides this ability on Accrual systems if the month has not been closed.


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