Cover a transactional legal matter from beginning to end.

Simplify your routine
With step-by-step guidance on transactional matters that span from the unfamiliar to the most complex, Lexis Practice Advisor Canada lets you streamline your workflow and do more.

Get a head start on drafting
Forms, precedents and drafting notes across a broad range of topics and transactions allow you to quickly customize documents for specific situations and offer the perfect starting point for simplifying the drafting process.

Stay up to speed
Lexis Practice Advisor Canada resources enable you to get familiar with new transactional issues and refresh your knowledge in areas or tasks you haven’t tackled recently.


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Exactly what you’ve been searching for.

  • Unmatched sector and practice coverage.
  • Unique content packages and add-ons tailored to your area of practice.
  • Validate the authority of your case with QuickCITE™ Case Citator.
  • Complete online collection of Halsbury® Laws of Canada.

Structured the way you need it.

With 8 unique packages, the content is tailored specifically to your area of practice.

Full Service
The most comprehensive collection of primary and secondary legal research content in Canada.

Full Service International
U.S. federal and state case law, statutes and regulations, Full collection of U.K. primary law, complete source for Australia and New Zealand primary law. And much more.

Canada Quantums and Canadian Forms & Precedents. Proprietary NetLetters™ with updated case law.


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Trusted by more than 12,000 lawyers in Canada, PCLaw is your only choice for practice management.

Gain a 360° view of all aspects of your practice: client information, matter details, and trust accounting.

Track billable hours, expenses, and trust account activity.

Capture your practice information in real time through 24/7 remote and mobile.


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Take your research process to a whole new level.

.PDF converter
Turn PDFs into Microsoft Word documents and tap into the full functionality of Quicklaw for Microsoft Office.

Check cited docs
Utilize Check Cited Docs within the context of your document. Pull citations into a side-by-side pane in a “virtual stack” of your cited cases.

Cases, forms, and precedents
Access links to relevant cases, forms and precedents for topics of interest to you within your Microsoft Word documents.


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Everything right where you want it to be.

Capture all critical case facts and legal research.

Organize centralize your material in an easy to use, searchable database.

Evaluate, assess risk and gauge the strength of your case.


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