The release of CaseMap version 13 brings significant enhancements to our end-to-end litigation software that organizes witnesses, facts, documents, issues, and research – all around the pillars of your case. Accompanying CaseMap's recently updated document review functionality, version 13 improves numerous features that make case management even easier, so you can take control of the myriad moving parts and vital bits of information.

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A quick overview of what’s new:
  • Modern User Interface and updated wizard screens improves the overall experience. Its updated, industry-standard UI makes the software more intuitive and even easier to use.
  • SmartAssist connects CaseMap to Lexis Advance Quicklaw to optimize your ability to conduct research within a case file. Only SmartAssist seamlessly integrates our LexisNexis litigation software with our research platform.
  • Facts Cards create a simplified, visual map of each fact based on the Issue or Evaluation status.
  • Capturing document metadata is now automated in CaseMap. When importing files you can select the option to automatically import and map the file metadata to a CaseMap object spreadsheet.
  • Creating custom object spreadsheets from an existing object spreadsheet in CaseMap can now be pre-configured with existing object type information.
  • Objects recognition for Fact Entry is now automatically identified. It’s now easier and faster to create and link Objects for Fact Entry because CaseMap automatically identifies Objects in documents.

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