Searching for the latest USMCA intelligence? Will Brexit create opportunities? Will the US retaliate against the latest round of tariffs?
As In-House Counsel, you are challenged with navigating today’s volatile trade environment. Law360 gives you the information you need to remain an expert and stay on top of breaking legal news. Publishing over 200 articles daily, Law360 covers US and international policy developments, litigation, corporate deals, and more across dozens of practice areas. Visit Law360 or take a step-by-step tour with the Site User Guide.

The latest news from every major industry, available at your finger tips.
Every Law360 news section has a corresponding daily newsletter, delivered via email at the start of each business day. Organized by top news, expert analysis, and other topics relevant to each section, newsletters are available for a number of industries, including:

International Trade
Mergers and Aquisitions
Cybersecurity & Privacy
Intellectual Property
Life Sciences
Aerospace & Defense

Law360 helps you ...
  • Maintain your expertise and keep pace with a fast-changing US and International legal landscape.
  • Mitigate risk by learning about potential industry changes and competitor initiatives as early as possible so you can build a plan to steer clear or — when the worst strikes — minimize exposure.
  • Remain competitive by keeping track of new pockets of legal activity as they develop so you can identify new International business opportunities.

“Law360 is the legal equivalent of a stock ticker. It is the first email I open every morning, and I check it for updates at least two or three times throughout the day. Law360 keeps me connected professionally and enables me to provide my internal clients with the best, most contemporary legal advice...”
Kevin Covert, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Honeywell

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